SHB Caffe is full of experts in specialty coffee. With more than 30 years of experience, we offer specialty coffee shops the highest quality coffee as well as services that allow them to differentiate themselves in the coffee shop sector.



Our mission is to learn and share knowledge among the complex network of hands through which coffee passes: producers, processors, exporters, roasters, tasters, baristas. With all this, we develop skills, attitudes and knowledge that provide a unique experience for the consumer.

Our main principle is centered around applying processes that are ethical and sustainable for all the communities that make up the world of coffee.

Our vision is focused on being able to offer a unique coffee for each client. With that in mind, we customize our roasting, production and service to provide original sensory experiences.



SHB Caffe a team of people who are passionate about coffee, infected by the enthusiasm of our founder: Pablo Contreras, coffee specialist and Master Roaster. Pablo Contreras grew up in a family coffee plantation located in the Soconuscan region in Chiapas, Mexico. From a young age he was able to combine his love for coffee, his hunger for scientific knowledge and his idealism for collaboration.

Pablo Contreras studied Nutrition Sciences and Food Technology in his desire to develop new methods and processes to improve coffee quality. His first recognitions came when he was a student and received the national Atam-Tzual Food Technology Award for his work: “Development and Implementation of a Quality Control System from Coffee Cherry to Green Coffee”.

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In 2001, Pablo Contreras created SHB Caffe with the aim of sharing the knowledge acquired during his career. From the selection and identification of quality coffee to the scientific and technological knowledge of the processing, roasting and preparation of a cup of coffee.</p<

For 15 years, Pablo Contreras developed knowledge of the product, the market, the technology and the process around the world of coffee. That allowed him to obtain certificates in Mexico and the rest of the world related to coffee tasting, barismo, roasting and processing. In turn, he participated as a judge in international competitions, as a collaborator in several publications of the coffee and biochemical research industry and as an expert advisor for new coffee businesses around the world.

After the creation of SHB Caffe, we started with the objective of developing specific projects for the opening of specialty coffee shops, the training of baristas, the preparation of coffees for promotions and contests, the teaching of staff dedicated to the world of HORECA and food service, university preparation, etc.

At this stage, we collaborated and developed creative elements to boost coffee sales in specialized establishments while designing experiences that contribute to the general knowledge of specialty coffee.

In 2010, we opted for the development new technologies since it was necessary to develop a coffee roaster capable of making roasting curves with precision. At this point, we generated an alliance with Tostadores Trejo to design and develop the first fluid-bed air roaster in Mexico.

Currently, we focus on two things: carrying out work on air roasters (hybrid and drum) in order to take advantage of the best of each technology and the sustainability of coffee cultivation through nutrition and biochemistry. In addition to fermentation, drying and bean selection techniques, we develop and modernize the machinery involved.

In 2015 we opened “Manos”, our own specialty coffee shop in Mexico City, which was named as “an excellent shop for a great cup of coffee” by Juan Cristóbal García Sánchez, author of the book "Viaje por el café de México".

In “Manos”, our entire repertoire of blends is consolidated, and the consumer can access a wide variety of extraction methods and sensory profiles. This allowed us to understand both the administrative and quality challenges that coffee shops face day to day

At SHB Caffe, we believe that we have established ourselves as an international company with the aim of achieving a unique sensory experience for each cup of specialty coffee. How do we do it? By offering the market the value of more than 30 years of experience as well as scientific, technical and financial knowledge.

Within this stage we have consolidated a strategic alliance with international manufacturers for the development of specialized machinery for coffee shops. Our partners include Sanremo Coffee Machines for coffee makers and Coffee-Tech Engineering for the roasters, for whom we are authorized distributors in Spain.