Curso de barismo básico

BASIC BARISMO (Theoretical & practical)

duración: 7h

duration: 7h


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This course is for people who want to start as baristas.
In this course you will learn the basic definition of espresso, cappuccino and latte while mastering the basic concepts of extraction, sub and over-extraction. You will become familiar with the different types of machinery used to prepare espresso coffe, the basic fundamentals of grinding, how to calibrate a grinder, and how to operate with cleanliness and hygiene, avoiding contamination in the preparation of beverages to a maximum capacity.
You will learn to dose, distribute and compact coffee to prepare espresso and cappuccino, the importance of milk, how it should be emulsified to make latte or cappuccino, and how to serve it with a correct “monk cappuccino head”.
We will review the most common preparation and operation mistakes, equipment cleaning and maintenance operations, as well as basic safety standards.
All our courses are taught in Spanish

Spots available: 12

Prerequisites: Previous tasting knowledge

Objective: Learn how to prepare an espresso, a cappuccino and a latte using the espresso machine properly.


  • Brief history of espresso machines
  • Main types of espresso machines
  • The coffee grinder
  • Types of grinders: Advantages and disadvantages
  • Correct use of a coffee grinder
  • Basic cleaning and maintenance of machines and grinders
  • Fundamentals of safety and hygiene
  • Espresso: definition
  • Basic theory of extraction
  • Subextraction
  • Overextraction
  • Coffee grinder calibration
  • Correct grinder dosage
  • Correct distribution of coffee in filter holder
  • Correct coffee compaction
  • Group cleaning
  • Hygienic handling of rags and machinery in general
  • Proper extraction
  • Milk: composition
  • Correct basic emulsifier
  • The effect of temperature on the characteristics and taste of milk
  • The pour
  • Creation of the basic monk cappuccino head
  • Lattes: their difference to cappuccino
  • Basic preparation
  • Exam