Curso de barismo intermedio


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In this course we will review in depth the theory of extraction, calculating and verifying the percentage of extraction to obtain balanced coffee drinks with the best great flavor. You will understand the effect of variables such as time, temperature, pressure, pre-infusion, infusion and post-infusion on the development of flavor. You will learn to handle the bar with consistency and to solve sensory issues in a practical manner. You will master the calibration techniques and learn different methods of making filtered coffee in a professional, efficient, consistent and hygienic way. We will review beverage cost concepts as well as intermediate concepts of milk technology and composition. Lastly, you will improve your notions of customer service.
All our courses are taught in Spanish

Spots available: 12

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of coffee tasting and basic barismo

Objetive: Learn to prepare espressos and distinct coffee and milk beverages, as well as consistent filtered coffees, in a professional, standarized and attractive way.


  • Definition of espresso, ristretto and lungo
  • Definition of soluble solids
  • Theory of extraction and its relation to flavor
  • Calculation of the extraction percentage
  • Effect of the extraction percentage
  • Calibrating your drink without instruments
  • Types of grinders, advantages and disadvantages
  • Particle density
  • The effects of dosing on taste
  • The effects of compaction on taste
  • The importance of distribution
  • The effect of temperature on taste
  • The effect of pressure on flavor development
  • The effect of pre-infusion on the development of flavor
  • The effect of post-infusion on the development of flavor
  • Learning to work with consistency: practical exercises
  • Calibration of an espresso without instruments
  • Fundamentals of filtered coffee
  • Different methods of preparing filtered coffee
  • Technological foundations of milk processing
  • Emulsification and pour, basic latte art
  • Hygiene and appearance
  • Beverage costs
  • Basic inventory management
  • Customer service
  • Basic understanding of the specialty market
  • Ideas to create experiences that sell
  • Administrating and motivating staff
  • Practical theoretical exam