Green Coffee


We have a wide range of green coffee options adequate for any type of project. The quality, however, is always the best available and an aspect we do not compromise. The beans we import are classified to eliminate physical and sensory defects. 

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When it comes to our selection of green coffee, we look for versatility. We want to support all the different players in the world of coffee, from microroasters to students, businesses, etc.

Our coffee is carefully selected to ensure fair trade and the product is mechanically sorted so that it is defect-free. 



 Ethiopia Sidamo

Brazil Cerrado Finca Reinaldo Arabica

Honduras Opalaca LempiraOrganic

Mexico Mountain Water Decaf Organic

Guatemala Acatenango Arabica

Colombia Huila Washed

Dominican Republic Mieludo Arabica

Brazil Cerrado Mineiro Natural Caixetas

Robusta India Parchment

Robusta India Cherry

Mexico La Victoria Fair Trade Arabica

Costa Rica La Pastora Arabica

Guatemala Specialty Arabica

Colombia OPCE Arabica

Kenia AA Arabica

Colombia Excelso Arabica

Panama Boquete Arabica

Brazil Natural Cerrado Fazenda Paraíso

Mexico Chiapas Arabica

Commercial Decaffeinated Robusta

Commercial Vietnam Robusta

more than 18 green coffee options for any type of project.