7 hours


Previous knowledge of tasting and basic barista course.


To learn how to prepare espresso and milk-based beverages as well as consistently filtered coffees in a professional, standardized and attractive way.


* In-Person (Barcelona)

In this course participants will review the theory of extraction in depth, calculating and verifying the extraction percentage to obtain balanced coffee-based drinks with the best flavor. They will understand the effect that variables such as time, temperature, pressure, pre-infusion, infusion and post-infusion have in the development of flavor in the cup. Participants will learn to operate the bar with consistency and to solve sensory problems in a practical way. They will master the calibration techniques and will know how to make filtered coffee through different methods in a professional, efficient, consistent and hygienic way. We will review beverage pricing concepts and intermediate concepts of milk technology and composition as well as notions of customer service and attention.


    • Definition of espresso, ristretto and lungo.
    • Definition of soluble solids
    • Theory of extraction and its relationship with taste
    • Calculation of the extraction percentage
    • Effect of extraction percentage
    • Calibrating your drink without instruments
    • Types of grinders, advantages and disadvantages
    • Particle density
    • Dosage effects on taste
    • Compaction and its effect on flavor
    • Importance of distribution
    • Effect of temperature on flavor development
    • Effect of pressure on flavor development
    • Effect of pre-infusion on flavor development
    • Effect of post-infusion on flavor development
    • Learning to work with consistency (practical exercises)

    • Calibrating an espresso without instruments
    • Filtered coffee basics
    • Different methods of preparing filtered coffee
    • Technological fundamentals of milk processing
    • Emulsification and pouring, basic latte art
    • Hygiene and appearance
    • Beverage pricing
    • Basic inventory management
    • Customer service
    • Basic understanding of the specialty market
    • Ideas to create experiences that sell
    • Personnel management and motivation
    • Theoretical and practical exam