Online roasting course

This course in 100% online, participants will have 10 hours over video-call with one of the most recognized Master Roaster in the Spanish-speaking world, Pablo Contreras.

These 5 sessions are ideal for roasters of all levels and are heavily focused on the theory and science of coffee roasters to be able to profile roasting curves and replicate them with consistency. 

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Basic roasting course

In this course participants will learn the fundamentals of coffee roasters, how they work and what flavor combinations they can develop based on their individual engineering. They will also learn to consistently and confidently operate such roasters as well as basic information on how to buy green coffee without defects that may have and impact on flavor and/or roasting performance. 

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Intensive course that allows participants to understand the basic biochemistry of flavor precursors from the coffee grain to the last phase of the roasting process. They will learn about different roasting technologies, their advantages and disadvantages, and developing trends. 


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This comprehensive course, set in a real coffee plantation located in the Soconusco jungle in Chiapas, Mexico, provides a complete view of the world of coffee from seed to cup and allows participants to discover the complexities of its cultivation, transformation and preparation.

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Proyecta tu cafeteria rentable desde cero; como crear el concepto, misión, visión, estrategia, localización, costos y rentabilidad en base a objetivos antes de decidirte a invertir em ella aumentando tus probabilidades de exito.

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BASIC BARISta course (theoretical-practical)

In this course participants will learn how to prepare an espresso, a cappuccino and a latte correctly; learning to operate the espresso machine properly and hygienically. In addition, you will learn to calibrate a coffee grinder and to keep the equipment clean and in good condition.

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INTERMEDIATE BARISta course (theoretical-practical)

Participants will learn to standardize coffee-based beverages by working with consistency, order and safety and will understand the theory and technology necessary to properly calibrate the machinery responsible for these beverages. They will also learn to identify and solve the most common problems related to the preparation of coffee-based drinks.

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ADVANCED BARIsta course (theoretical-practical)

In this course you will use your creativity to design and create coffee-based beverages with excellence in taste, preparation, hygiene and service. You will gain knowledge about the different types of coffee and their contribution to the development of flavor in beverages.

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