7 hours


Previous knowledge of intermediate barismo.


Develop skills to be able to design, create and execute unique coffee drinks that allow creating a differentiated sensory experience.


* I  n-Person (Barcelona, Spain)

In this advanced barista course participants will learn in detail about the raw material used to make coffee-based drinks: spices, varieties, processing, roasting and conditioning technologies. They will also learn to use all this information to create drinks with unique sensory characteristics.

When participants finish this course, they will know how to detect the main defects in coffee and how to solve their negative impact on the taste. Thanks to the theoretical bases that we will provide, participants will be able to make blends that take the coffee drink to an extreme degree of perfection. They will understand the advantages and disadvantages of creating blends and models for the development of specialty bars. In addition, they will learn alternative methods for a quick and successful preparation of drinks with quality and consistency.

Participants will be able to give personality to their business with new information and sales tactics, getting consumers involved in the world of coffee. Lastly, participants will know how to evaluate the performance of baristas within their business and identify areas of opportunity that will allow them to increase sales.


    • Specialty coffee: what is it, and what is its purpose
    • Coffee in the world
    • Species, varieties and trends
    • The problem of sustainability
    • Types of processing and their impact on taste
    • Basic roasting technology: its sensory impact
    • Main sensory defects in coffee
    • Blends versus origins: myths and realities
    • Blend Design: Basic Theory
    • Blend standardization: the volume problem
    • How to design the flavor of my coffee creating unique experiences
    • How to sell "fancy" coffee
    • Closing the virtuous circle
    • How to detect areas for opportunity in business operations
    • Solving specific problems and creating experiences
    • Theoretical-practical exam