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5 días (intensivo)

del 16 al 20 de Enero de 2003


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Develop an overview of the world of coffee.


* In-Person (Mexico)

This comprehensive course, set in a real coffee plantation located in the Soconusco jungle in Chiapas, Mexico, provides a complete view of the world of coffee from seed to cup and allows you to discover the complexities of its cultivation, transformation and preparation. This farm performs all  transformation processes and has a boutique hotel with a fantastic view of the region as well as swimming pools, ecotourism services and a spa to enjoy and rest while learning about the world of coffee. This course is only offered once a year since it is the only time to appreciate the entirety of the transformation coffee from cultivation to pour. This is the most intensive course offered to coffee professionals.
All our courses are taught in Spanish, English translation can be arranged.
  • Physiology
    • Blooming
    • Growth and development
    • Evolution's role
  • Cultivation:
    • Species and varieties of coffee: differences and sensory impact
    • How coffee is sown
    • Grafts
    • Seedling management during the first year
    • Nutrition
    • Field transplant
    • Pruning
    • Disease control
    • Fertilization and tendencies
    • Handling of lines in the coffee plantation: production management
    • Climate change
    • How the coffee seed develops: biochemical changes
  • Harvest:
    • Variables that determine harvest strategy
    • Exclusive harvest of mature product
    • Types of collection, impact on quality and price
  • Processing:
    • Introduction to processing
    • Processing variants and their sensory impact
    • Visit to the wet mill
    • Cherry grading
    • Depulping
    • Fundamentals of fermentation and its sensory impact
    • Soaking and water grading
    • Water pollution
    • Basics of drying and its sensory impact
    • Preparation of micro-lots by different benefit variants, fermentation exercises
    • Dry mill
    • Hulling
    • Size classification
    • Density classification
    • Optical classification
    • Physical defects of coffee: importance and sensory impact
  • Roasting:
    • Fundamentals of roasting
    • Types of roasting technologies
    • Roasting coffees of different varieties using fluidized bed or Hybrid roasters
  • Tasting:
    • Learning to taste coffee
    • Tasting exercises: same process, different varieties
  • Preparation:
    • Espresso, cappuccino, americano: definition y preparation
    • The complexity of flavor
  • The future:
    • The future of coffeeculture
    • Problems and alternatives of cofeeculture
    • The multiplying effect and social development
    • Sustainability’s duty to stop migration