shb caffé


Here at SHB Caffé we are absolute experts of our craft. With more than 30 years of experience, we offer specialty coffee stores the highest quality coffee and services that allow them to differentiate themselves in the coffee shop sector.


Our mission is to learn and share knowledge among the complex network of hands through which coffee passes: producers, processors, exporters, roasters, tasters, baristas. With all this, we develop skills, attitudes and knowledge that provide a unique experience for the consumer.


Our main principle is centered around applying processes that are ethical and sustainable for all the communities that make up the world of coffee.


Our vision is focused on being able to offer a unique coffee for each client. With that in mind, we customize our roasting, production and service to provide original sensory experiences.

SHB CAFFÉ founder


SHB Caffé consists of a team of people who are passionate about coffee, infected by the enthusiasm of our founder: Pablo Contreras, coffee specialist and Master Roaster.  Pablo grew up in a family-owned coffee plantation located in the Soconuscan region of Chiapas, Mexico. From a young age he was able to combine his love for coffee with his hunger for scientific knowledge and his idealism for collaboration.

Pablo Contreras studied Nutrition Sciences and Food Technology to fulfill a dream of developing new methods and processes to improve coffee quality in Mexico. He was first recognized as a student when he received the national Atam-Tzual Food Technology Award for his work: “Development and Implementation of a Quality Control System from Coffee Cherry to Green Coffee”.

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